Welcome to Water Sports Tehri Dam

Lying on the southern slopes of the outer Himalayas, Tehri Lake is a quaint but one of the most alluring hill districts in the hilly northern state of Uttarakhand. Tehri does not disappoint and has various options for the keen traveler. Tehri has a temple trail for the religious traveler; water sports, skiing, angling, rafting, canoeing, hiking and trekking for the adrenaline lover and stunning vistas for a peace loving relaxing kind.

The charming hill stations of Kanatal, Dhanaulti, Chamba, Uttarkashi and Mussoorie form a part of Tehri Garhwal. The district is supposed to have a great religious significance as well. Tehri derives its name from the word ?Trihari?, which means a place which absolves the three sins evolving out of thoughts, words and actions. Devprayag, Gangotri, Uttarakashi, Chandrabadani and Buda Kedar Temple are some of the religious centers of Tehri.